Thursday, August 19, 2010

-Sometimes it takes a movie to teach -

So my little cousin passed by, left and forgot her Nanny Mcphee &the big bang DVD in my room , so as i was about to sleep i saw it and i guessed umm children movie let me play it and sleep i thought it will be something boring and it will put me to sleep , but this movie was anything but boring , matter a fact it was so good that i watched till the , its amazing how much u learn from a movie , so nanny mcPhee taught the children 5 intresting lessons which i think we as adult should KNOW TOO ;)
1. Fighting is wrong (she made them fight with each other to feel how bad it is )
2. Sharing is important ( she made them share bed with animals after the refuse sharing it with thier cousins )
3. How to help each other ( she sent them to chase pigs)
4. How to be brave ( by leaving thier fear behind and helping each other)
5. How to have faith (by helping them believe in them self)

those are lessons to learn by heart ;)