Monday, November 5, 2012

-Lana Del Rey for Versace -

I love lana , her music is something that my ear enjoys to the fullest , but lets talk about the real thing ... 
not that iam an expert judge on everything fashion , but its things like this that i don't understand :
2- Lana Del Rey for Versace 
lets discuss kate uptons (am sure you know the cat daddy girl ? or not ) ,,, do you think a girl who acts like that and dances in that manner deserves a vogue cover , i mean the editorial is way to un-neat* provocative  my point is Kate Upton should stick to sports illustrated magazine .
as for Lana is she a versace cup of tea ? 
i mean madonna and patrick dempsey are very versace-esque don't you think ?
anyways ....
Here are the two pictures that are allegedly from the campaign.
Thoughts ?

Lana Del Rey for Versace
which is not vogue standard*.