Tuesday, November 6, 2012

-Because its Obama ,like That -

i must say (well we all must say ) , we saw this coming ....am not talking 9 months ago am talking three  months ago i was absolutely sure it was in Obamas favor to win ....I LOVE LOVE LOVE ANN ROMNEY , she's beautiful , feminine , smart and most importantly a role model wife so am kinda upset for her . 
am going to say this as simple as possible : 
Obama is not perfect , i love making fun of some of  his political trouble and the funny things he says , sometimes he comes off as  "a supppppppper relaxed" for a person who is a president , but Obama does care.
He cares about WOMEN ! as a woman i can't tolerate a man that doesn't have women rights on the top of his list. 
Obama cares about the LESS fortunate , i lost respect for Romney when he said something about loving to fire people who service him ,and how he said he doesn't care about the poor (safety net comment ...BOOO!! ) no one in their right mind would say things like that.... now am i wrong ?

But the creme de la cream of his failure to catch votes is his contradicting speeches ... if you don't watch the news ill give you a brief . last month mitt said something like " if he was a president he will create roughly 12 million job"....amazing right ? then later that day he said and i quote 
am not American but i do care about politics and am very happy that obama got re-elected , am happy for american students , women and with hopes that Obama care really works ! 

here's to four more years of sarcasm and Nancy Pelosis art of botox ( speaker's chair ) !