Sunday, September 2, 2012

- You Gott'a Love Ann Romney-

Excuse my confidence but am almost 100 precent sure that Mitt Romney is winning the 2012 elections , am not predicting but ... anyways  back to the reason behind this post , is it just me or ANN ROMNEY is STUNNING !! she's in her 60s yet so Young , Confident and still Smitten  (& am so sure she'll look so gorgeous in all these designer clothes they normaly shower first ladies with) !
am not HAPPY about this outfit she's wearing on the cover of the latest TIME issue !
i was watching the 2012 Republican National Convention and her speech was AMAZING !!! she's not the perfect public speaker but,,,, everything was well said and i loved it ... 
i find it so beautiful when a women is so confident and full of love when she talks about her husband 
check it :