Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hiii my beautiful readers , first i want to start by wishing you all a wonderful weekend , and i also want to thank you all for the amazing emails you send me , since i check my email from my "MOBILE WEB", some replies fail to get through :( , ill try to answer emails from my computer and i promise to check it more often .. !!! i got some common questions , 
 #1 ..the barbie leggings ,am not sure if its still available in the UK or Not ,but i bought it from their 
 #2 .. yes the collaboration competition with Butter Hot Shoes has ended and she announced the winner on her blog
 #3 ..Yes IAM part of THE PUPPET SHOW TEAM :D 
 i got  amazing response on the brain dumpster post , and i promise to write more !!! and i also want to mention that april has also been an exceptional hit for my blog , thank you for everyone who reads it

 Loads of love, Hunoof Hamad
if you have any question you can find me on twitter @HunoofHamad