Sunday, April 29, 2012

-Just Another Brain Dumpster-

We are trained … yes human beings are not robots , but unquestionably trained , we are trained to think , protect and  respond  , well truthfully speaking I know enough  to say at least iam , i feel very much trained by myself .. we  train ourselves to respond , meaning you are your own teacher ,since you train your slef, you might as well ….. Train wisely .
 Happy , fear , love , hate , jealousy … when you love yourself enough , you will realize these feelings , deserve your attention , and care … let yourself feel everything to know the difference, you need to know pain to appreciate happiness , you need to know jealousy to see the beauty in being content , so in the end ….  Feel wisely .

The thing about falling , you cant always  just stand up , dust yourself up and try again , life is bigger than some self-help music lyrics , WE ARE HUMAN , we need PEOPLE ! , this is where friends come  , sometimes you’ll need them  when your between a rock and a hard place and to catch you right before you hit the ground …. The thing is ,They do it perfectly … they are truly the family you choose so… choose wisely.

J.K.Gibran once defined luxury as “the lust for comfort , that stealthy thing that enters the house as a guest and then becomes a host , and then a master” … the thing about human , we can be GREEDY ,before greed controls you , you just have to ride it out.. remember to always ….live wisely
Living a life full of wisdom and boundaries  doesn’t make you philosophically qualified to lecture others , but always be someone people want to be  , to relate too , be real ,be you !
Life is  like botox it can’t guarantee you a wrinkle free face all year long , I mean seriously (not that ive tried ) … but how beautiful is it to just know   " قال تعالى : " سيجعل الله بعد عسر يسرا "  we are lucky as human let alone muslim , allah never forgets you , hes with you every second of every day , and always remember LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL , always hope for a beautiful tomorrow...because believe me it comes ,,,, beautifully.
and as your off to bed ,count your blessings..
Loads of love ,
Hunoof Hamad