Thursday, February 23, 2012

-An Afternoon With Langues De Chat-

I cant think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy Langues de chat , they taste amazing ! so I came up with a little .....lets say fashionable twist , to make them very presentable and cute ! if you’re going to a friend’s house and you don’t want to go empty handed , you can simply create this ,
its very easy & it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

You’ll need :
Langues de chat ( my favorite is from Carrefour)
Melt-able chocolate ( I chose orange and white chocolate )
Marshmallows ( or any candies of your choice )
Sprinkles ( you’ll find verities in Carrefour )

This is how you"ll melt the chocolate !
Dip them in the chocolate then sprinkle ...So much fun ! make sure you give them time to cool down ...
et voila, they taste as good as they look !!

Hope you try this and home and join me next week for some new FOOD - FIND
till then ,
Loads of love ,
Hunoof Hamad