Sunday, December 4, 2011

-Ways to get a good night sleep -

Many people are either insomniac or think they are , I believe that like exercising and eating healthy ...sleeping healthy is also habit …. That being said I want to share with you ways that will help you obtain a healthy sleeping pattern in a matter of a week !
1) ALWAYS make sure you said your prayers .
2) PHONE OFF !!!! not silent ....OFF !!! because if your phone is on silent and you wake up In the middle of the night and for whatever reason you got to your phone you would be tempted to read whatever BBM or MSG is in there and with that there’s a huge chance that you get distracted and you end up wide awake .. you know am I right !
3) Make sure you get an alarm clock , this way you can keep your phone in the living room or somewhere far in the room .
4) Before bed (since I don’t drink milk ) I suggest you boil water then add mint leaves (add sugar it tastes better ) supppppper soothing I promise !!!
5) Always sleep on your right side !
6) Set your alarm for fajer prayer … make it a habit , then set it at 8am sharp ! and as soon as you hear your alarm open your eyes and don’t give yourself the chance to say JUST FIVE MINTS no get up and have a lovely breakfast before that a little 15 mints cardio will be perfect !
7) At try to go to bed at max. 10:30 even if you weren’t that sleepy close your eyes , lie to yourself say am sleepy , trust me when I say IT WORKS !
Hope this helps
Loads of Love ,
Hunoof Hamad