Saturday, December 3, 2011

-Vogue Gone Wrong ...Again-

Ill never forget Vogue April 2010 issue with Gisele Budenche on the cover ( she looked AMAZING !!! just after giving birth!) in that issue vogue spoke health , and as a result we are ought to believe that vogue understands the beauty of healthy shape without the need of looking suppppppper skinny to look fashionable , but yet again another OVERLY PHOTOSHOPED editorial went viral last night causing a health controversy .
We all know Karlie Kloss has a flawless figure but Vogue Italia December issue kind of went the extra mile with the airbrush ,,,, Agreed ? am just saying Fashion Magazines should pay a little more attention to those kind of things , influencing a youngster is an easy job , so influence them wisely ! this isnt the first time vogue has caused controversy... as i recall they had several of over photoshopped and skin lighting issues before !