Saturday, November 26, 2011

-Am Back -

Am back !!!! I can’t put in words how much I’ve missed just sitting here and typing lol… first let me start by saying THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!!!! am thrilled , I just went through all the birthday emails , wow I have the best readers any blogger can ask for , am so pleased to have you all ….
I took a ten days holiday and let me tell you it was mind blowing ( and perfect timing el 7mdellah ), I actually went to TURKEY and it was my very first time , so you can imagine my enthusiasm , sinceI’ve always wanted to go there … Turkey has a rich history and lucky for me I was fairly acquainted with the history since I’ve studied about it in school and university , so seeing it all in front of me was amazing ! I won’t start telling you about the food , because you’d start wondering if I was overstating !
It’s always good to be home , but now it’s time to catch up with university !
Loads of love ,
Hunoof Hamad