Tuesday, June 28, 2011

-Dear Readers -

Hello lovlies
Hope you all had a lovely day , so I wanted to talk to you my readers about something . my dear friend @thehessa , has been getting very strange Q’s about me on her formspring , so me and hessa decided that she STOPS answering them and I wouldn’t know of any of them , so I don’t see any point in asking her Q’s about me anymore .
That being said, I want to elucidate one thing wearing hejab or not wearing hejab that is something between me and allah no one has the right to go ask my friend about if I wear it or not . and YES I do wear abaya in DUBAI , am currently in London (family summer vacation ) and as long as am content with my outfit , as long as I find it decent ,sophisticated ,chic and my family agree, then am HAPPY !
So my readers , thanks for the support uv shown me for the past one year and a half I LOVE YOUR EMAILS AS MUCH AS I HAVE LOVE FOR WHO EVER GIVES MY BLOG A TIME OF DAY TO READ IT ! so please if you want to ask me anything do send me an email on HUNOOF.INMYHEELS@LIVE.COM and ill dedicated a post to answer 1 question publicly twice a week ! But all questions will be answered (my private life is something I never talk about so no answers for that :P )
Thanks for your time and have a lovely night
Loads of love,
Hunoof Hamad