Monday, April 11, 2011

-Product Review : ipad 2-

Iv been receiving emails asking me how the ipad 2 is treating me and if I recommend it, so iv been welling to write my on review . Well I DO SO VERY MUCH recommend u get one !!! this device is the paramount of all tablets !!!! since I purchased mine , it didn’t leave my sight , I use it while in car , university , mall….ect. and the best part is that its SUPPPPPER LIGHT like you wouldn’t believe ! what really caught my attention is the applications , now I can browse through VOGUE , ELLE , ZARA ,H&M …ect I mean u name it , there a APP. For almost anything you have in mind , the face time and photo booth are definitely a highlight , ooh and you can watch all you tv shows easily !!! I watch kim and kourt take newyork on my way home !!! (must I come clean the purchasing through itune is addictive never use ur credit card always top up , u get more control ) , and must I also declare how remarkably fashionable the ipad 2 is , its basically one of the hottest accessories of S/S’11 !!! see how I like to carry mine , cool right ?!