Thursday, March 17, 2011

-U'll always be my hero -

Here's a little confession, I hate being relaxed alot ,this feeling of exhaustion coz iv been awake since it was still dark outside and been running like a headless chicken all day is AMAZING makes me crave sleep like u wouldn't believe, call me strange, but at least am guileless ! if I had 2 choose one song to lsn to for the rest of my life that would be five for fighting -100 years , been lsning to it since 2004 yet I can't seem to get enough of it , and nora alk I think u have Van Gogh's ear for music for calling this song lame *rolling my eyes* just like adeles *rolling in the deep* LOL
Peoples positive vibe is my youth fountain , "u can never cross the ocean unless u have the courage to lose the shore " now that chistopher columbus , is soul food, thank u !
Loads of love ,
Hunoof Hamad