Tuesday, March 1, 2011

-March Be good , ya ?-

Hiiii lovelies , hope ur all having a fantastic day !!!! i want to start by wishing my lovely friend Nura A. a perfect birthday , ur amazing and ull always be , many years to come inshallah LOVE YOU XOXO , so this post goes for u just coz i dont want you "tetnarfizain" on ur birthday when u see the hitting the slope post.
and thank you so much for ur emails readers i love them , thanks for the genuine care means alot and the email asking me if am alive since last i post was me hitting the slope made me laugh out loud :)
been quite busy with university work , had sooooo much writing to do , but trust me its not as fun as writing here MISSED IT so i skipped all my classes today to just do the things i want to do ( well, we all need it once in a while right ?)
loads of love ,
Hunoof Hamad