Monday, March 28, 2011

-Keeping The Faith -

Kudos , Marisa Mazria Katz ! I wish you could hear this massage , coz its not every day when someone comes along and inspire us ! I reverence VOGUE even more now for giving a very endowed journalist a chance to publish her stirring experience ! Your story “keeping the faith” published in VOGUE April is beyond poignant , you shared not only your experience but also a VOICE , a voice of young women and men , choosing journalism as a way to be HEARD or maybe just a temporary flee from their brutal reality! I was very much moved by the very profound words you used whilst expressing Laila’s part of scripting her story to be publish on the blog . “together we sat on the ,mattress she has been born on and where just two years ago her father had died” there were a lot of authentic details which can seize the reader’s consideration !, journalist like you help students like me , know how to publish stories that will mean something to someone, “never giving up “ YOU DID IT WELL , all the best x