Saturday, March 12, 2011

-Dubai on Empty, not really !-

" not a single local has had to lift a finger to make it happen. That's not quite fair—of course they've lifted a finger; to call the waiter, berate the busboy" .... 3ala kaifah ?!
this article published on vanity fair is not only racist but full of mendacity ! The deceptive article seem to have one aim and that is to portrait arab as futile , vulgar , heartless and amateurish human being ! On n "Fat, and spoiled beyond reason, they are titanically rude" !!!
Why is it that some writers feel the need to involve their personal vendettas
In their stories ! If u hate arab that's ur problem , distributing fictitious facts , and generalizing them is against the canon of journalism and I think a good writer knows that by heart !
And I think only a bona fide jerk calls people FAT !the writing is racially prejudiced and
not fit as a culture article ,there's a fine line between audacity and intolerance... #justsaying in case someone feels its brave to publish lies !