Monday, March 7, 2011

- the apple of my eyes-

This is so random I couldn't sleep,so I went through my old stuff and I found this !
I can never forget this mug,when I was 11 mom took me to Hamleys , combed my hair and said SIT here n SMILE , it was one of those one shot thing ,( sooooo don't laugh @ the picture) , ever since this was the only mug I'd use for years ,well before we slept we had "Milk time" that's when we sit and watch a little tv and drink milk ( I hate milk btw n I haven't drank milk in 6 years now,I can't stand it )the scratches on the mug , I remember making them because I hated milk n somehow forced my self to drink , remember the " u have to drink milk to have strong bones ,grow taller and have long hair " it was tempting!!! And on the behind of the mug is written "to the best daughter in the world " ... I have the best mother in this world , thank you for ur endless love n support <3 I adore you mama !