Saturday, February 19, 2011

-Potential Enlightenment-

Some days we wake up in the morning feeling on top of the world but there are days where we look like a UPS fragile handle with care package , god didn’t assure us everyday’s gona be great , yet he promised us , after hard comes easy , throughout my years iv learned how to grab myself before I hit the ground …..what am trying to say is that we all have bad days , so don’t make ur self a victim , when times get hard , don’t ask WHY ME? instead ask WHY NOT ME ? ur only human its no ones mistake so we cant blame life and everyone in it, just don’t be the “ bad workman who blames his tools”, and its ok because bad things do happen to good people its just the chemistry of life …… don’t ever think gods punishing u , he’s testing ur strength .. be faithful !
I always tell my close friends iam one in a million, am beautiful , am pretty , am great …… *the list goes one * ya ya ya am big on ego ,but i know the difference between confidence and arrogance :) and when I need to hear it they have their ways of reminding me *some in a very ironic way*, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed , but am absolutely thanking god for turning my day around ,
sleep on the right side of the bed and Count ur blessings readers ,
Loads of love,
Hunoof Hamad