Friday, January 21, 2011

- The Ruffle on my shoulder-

I love my readers seriously I adore u guys , thank you for ur emails ! I did great in both yesterdays finals …. Last night was amazing , as I attended a very elegant wedding , let me start bywishing the bride a very happy life , she looked super stunning MASHALLAH* in a basil soda bespoke wedding gown … for me I wanted to go CLASSIC and ELEGANT , so I wore a very striking Just off the runway A/W DAS collection ABAYA , and a white vintage skirt ! the wedding was packed with beautiful gowns, and gorgeous people ,met two amazing readers and some seriously fashionable ladies ,I also loved seeing two very fascinating ladies ,the sisters behind DAS collection , REEM & HIND BELJAFLA , who looked gracefully elegant mashallah*, seriously they have amazing taste in style and always look effortlessly astounding ! LOVE THEM( Oh have u guys seen Olivia Palormo wearing a exquisite DAS abaya ? if u didn’t press HERE) …… I spent the night with the Hotness monster whom I like to call CHIC MONSTER ,who wore a very charming ELIE SAAB gown ! and the lovely MONA KATTAN who looked so beautiful mashallah* ,love her fringe check it out HERE ! it was a great night ! hope u all enjoyed urs X
Loads of love
Hunoof Hamad