Thursday, January 27, 2011

-On the road -

Helloo lovlies ,
So we are on the road now heading to a ski resort in france , am sooo looking forward for this and super excited , it takes around three hours to get up there , I love road trips in europe <3
Anyways am so blessed to have amazing readers ,ur email means the world to me , am so bad with emails I keep forgeting to check it so plz don't bare with me I promise I will reply to everything as soon as am back to geneva inshallah* ,
So I got a bunch of request since like forever , to write outfit details (naming where from) , which ill be doing inshallah honestly at first I thought people would think its unnesscery but even world known blogger do it so I think I should give it a shot :p (Btw I love the blonde salad and sea of shoes ,love their gourgouse style and blog) ! (OOOH I just spotted a frozen small lake its so beautiful ) , though everything outside looks so beautiful , I get dizzy , so am gona stick to writing here , and lsning to music .. Btw its so retarted how darke (in what's my name song) says " I heared you girl with them soft lips , ya u know where the MOWF *he means mouth* " ... I have a 13 year old reader from saudi that I adore !!! I seriously want to meet her , her emails are priceless , she's unbelivably smart and super adorable , I see a lot of me in her ... Love u princess <3 ok so did u guys watch ke$ha's new prody over cendirella , james blunt -stay the night issssss soooo goood <3 I love him !!!
OOOOH my phone will run out of battery if I keep using it , so ill updat soon , I guess we are half way through now everythings getting all white around us ;) will keep updating
Loads of love
Hunoof Hamad XOXO