Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ok , so am here sitting watching a documentary over The Taliban (for tomorrows final) and it really hit me why people think of SOME and I say again, SOME Muslims as terrorist , for example if ur interested type (Documentary 2006 - Declassified: The Taliban (Part 3/5)) and skip to mint "5:52" ,,, see how this disgusting afghan hit a woman on the street with something and u can actually hear her scream , Islam didn't say hit women in the street !*Geeeez what a inhumane sight* ! And since when Islam said look like a walking tent ?! (Am not to judge) but seriously those taliban are to blame for the erroneous image of our religion .....
Anyways Just speaking my mind , and seriously hope tomorrows final goes smoothly !
Good luck students , we'll do great inshallah*
Loads of love
Hunoof Hamad