Sunday, January 30, 2011

-Back Home -

So am back in Geneva , yet am still day dreaming about courchevel , iv been to many ski resorts over the years but noting can beat courchevel , the experience was divine , did little shopping and i wanted to mention this , they have a multibrand store called THE EDGE and it was amazing !!! everything off the runway !so ladies if u ever think of going to courchevel for a ski trip make sure u pay them a visit for a little shopping !
just watched Love and other drugs , literally 15 mints and am out , as @DeemaALqahtani just tweeted me "@HunoofHamad woah! I guess little innocent anne hathaway isn't innocent anymore" i thought while watching the trailer the movie would be SOMETHING, but seriously ..... TOO MUCH !
Loads of love,
Hunoof Hamad