Sunday, December 5, 2010


Observing anna dello russo is fun :p am so sad the sent of anna sold out before I go grab the cridet card (sad face) was looking forward to buy it since it contains almond and vanilla , two of my favorite note , I guessed it will smell good and the bottle is BEAUTIFUL ! anyways so gaga is in Milan for her monster ball tour , she was spotted at chanel covered in blackish net , shes a statement always , Anna finally got the chance to meet her muse and pose with her ;she tweeted " @LADYGAGA Monster Ball in Milan I finally met my MUSE!!!"

In related news GAGA is still dead on twitter , help buy a life On for she and many other celebs wont tweet until the it reaches a MILLION DOLLER , and its not even 300’000 yet , its been 5 days ! …. Slow right ?