Monday, November 8, 2010

-When it rains .....-

Today as I was leaving campus I was terrified by the heavy rain then while on my way to the car , protecting my calf chanel and laptop (kind of annoyed , didn’t want to ruin my freshly wash hair + my bag) , I couldn’t help but notice the constructive force around me , everywhere I looked people were actually SMILING WIDE and I could here the word “al7mdella” while looking up to the sky ! that itself took my energy to the next level of happiness , opening my twitter I observe people tweeting and admiring the weather n rain , am really pleased to see how as little as rain can make people so happy . that feeling itself is startling !
growing up I learned that people we love , family ,friends….ect. will end up hurting us, unnecessarily intentionally, but they also make mistakes , but we need to excuse them , iv also learned to never bite the hand that feeds me , betraying people who love and trust us , is never ok ! don’t ever think that lying could by any chance be better then saying the truth ! bear in mind that people who have u in their best interest, can over look ur defects. Remembering that u are only human is vital , mistakes could be as little as a blessing in disguise “Our Greatest glory is not never falling ,but in raising every time we fall’-Confucius ! i honestly'am NOT trying to be mother Teresa or Gandhi or even trying to make sense , but I speak from a tremendous amount of experience , iv learned from each person in my life an important lesson, only today I learned a beautiful one , so I choose to teach from the things I learn ,and remind u to never give yourself the chance to regret but also try not to give yourself a reason to to regret ,though mistakes are Inevitable ,BE SMART ! life is only as beautiful as ur soul , its true what they say about laughing the world does laugh back ! and love its definitely contagious PASS IT ON ! I love day dreaming , Don’t you ?! Dream Big , “remember not getting what u want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck’-the dalai lama ! being content with what we have is pricless , u know; a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ;) n as ur about to call it a day , count our blessings .
Sleep tight world, big love
Hunoof hamad