Monday, November 29, 2010

-No Formspring -

only 1 hour ago I created a Formspring account , I got almost 20 posts amazing Qz , smart 1z and sweet 1z thank u a lot wallah it meant a lot to me, but then only one decided to throw a unnecessary word at me , it didn’t actually get to me ( I know everyones got if one person who hates them in the world i mean come on we are only human but say the f word ? well class is essential ) so my best friend S advised me to leave the form , and I agree that whoever wrote that is someone paying so much attention on my twitter and my blog : ) anyways I would never allow myself to be surrounded with negative energy ,am a positive energy junkie so dont blame me for loving good spirits only ! mean while I have Hotness Monster’s account to enjoy , well I get the extra details on some of the unnecessary Qs people ask and she doesn’t post LUCKY ME ;)
LOVE U READERS for ur Endless support ! S ur an amazing best friend what would have i done with out ur unconditional care ?
Loads of love
Hunoof Hamad X