Sunday, November 28, 2010

-I hate midterms :) -

its been a while since iv been this stressed, not being able to finish studying really does get on my nerves , i finished 3 chapters since morning + i attended all my classes ( i think i did a good job) , i have one to go and its striking 11 in couple of mints but my brain went all shut down on me , UGH u know i can go forever nagging :p but i choose to thank god i finished the 3 chapters , honestly i learned alot:P...... and thank u bugzy for ur stupid comments that made me laugh non stop and s for ur random funny BBM's it amazes me how u know when i need to laugh :pahahha ,Oh and please feel free to ask The Hotness Monster any questions HERE ( Plz do coz am enjoying them )!(funny Qz),:p thinking of getting myself a formspring account !UMMM
and plz do wish me luck x
Hunoof Hamad
a laugh before i sleep is the best !