Saturday, November 13, 2010

-DVF's Dubai Delight -

As DVF sat and wrote her Dubai delight ,she mentioned "‎​My most memorable encounters were Maryam, an 18 year old blogger from Qatar, with her mother and Hind Beljafla, co-founder of the Das Collection of fashionable abayas" I felt really happy seeing this as those two ladies are very admirable and very delightful , hind beljafla always stands out, she's got a unique style and a lovely personality and knows how to look stylish effortlessly Mashallah*. Maryam almalki , from is one of my favorite fashion bloggers this lady has a beautiful eye when it comes to fashion and writes beautifully and shes an amazing friend ! Must I say how much I adore her talented mother ... What can I say like mother like daughter ....
Amazing ladies ,,Loads of love to u guys !
She also mentioned visiting our university and how much she enjoyed giving us a speech , she was a breath of fresh of air , needless to say , very rich with experience !
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