Monday, October 25, 2010


in my life I met so many people , some went from strangers to friends , some from acquaintance to best friends , with time u learn who ur friends are , each one of them have a significant quality , each one is inimitable, some with time proved that they can be more of a family then a friend , , some have the power of soothing u without saying a word ( I swear they do ) , some are great to have them around when its time to have the time of ur life ( feeling ? PRICELES)some would cancel everything just to be with u when u need them , but then some friendship get distanced with time , but that doesn’t make them any less important , true friends no matter how this hectic life separates them , they tend to PICK UP right where they left , EFFORTLESSLY! This post goes out to my beautiful friends, for they’ve been miraculously supportive through everything iv been through for the happy times and the tough ones, when iv needed them to be strong for me , they make it clear that their love ,support and care is unconditional every day , and I strongly believe that am blessed “al7mdella for all ur blessings ” I wrote this coz today I was reminded by what I have , am so thankful to have u babies , u brighten my days , and a big thank u goes to my beautiful readers , these posts don’t mean anything if I got no one to share them with ! thank u for giving my blog its value !
loads of love
Hunoof Hamad