Sunday, October 10, 2010

-She is the Champion -

Whoever watchs x fator will notice that this season is rather dramatic only more reason to LOVE THE ShoW <3 at first I was cheering for CHER but with time I noticed that her performance is sort of ghetto’ish n I don’t like that style at all and her hair always looks like it hasnt been washed for ages( sick face) anyways have u heard? Gamu and her family are being deported from the UK cant wait to hear her interview and get the WHY’s ! so back to the reason behind this post which is KATIE WAISSEL who caught my eyes ever since her first audition , shes utterly compelling , her voice is heavenly , check out her this weeks performance shes absolutely a champion ! and this girl has a selling voice , one day she’ll be BIG, LIKE MASTER CARD ;) and ill be glad to say I told u so x