Friday, October 29, 2010

- In a Barbie world-

OMG am sooooo exhusted that I posted an email on my blog insted of replying on an email :p what a public reply ahaha I can't remove it coz the wireless isn't working AGAIN !! Thank u eti9alat (only yesterday they fixed it) I just want to express the joy I had to day , alf el7mdella it went exactly as planned ! Thank u to all my babies for sharing this wonderful day with me , ur JOY and Happines are pricless !!!
Will upload pictures later , can't wait to share them with u ! Oh and am thinking of getting my 1st iphone my blackberry is retarted ! And my cousin goes on and on about how amazing it is !
Off to bed , thank u allah for the blessings <3
Loads of love,
Hunoof Hamad