Wednesday, September 8, 2010

-Price is Just a number ....-

I just read this cute email from a reader wondering why I love $10 Sunnis when they must be out of quality …. Now to my defense I own a sunglass I bought in summer 2007and I still wear it and it’s in GOOD SHAPE more like in a PERFECT condition , its not how much a sunglass is worth its how u look wearing it and let me add am so clumsy when it comes to sunglasses I LOSE them sometimes :S and honestly speaking i never wore a sunglass because they protect my eyes from the sun ……… GUILTY! BUT when i go skying i do wear Professional 1z :D thank u for ur emails readers Loads of love

not that this has anything to do with the email, but What I want to talk about now is SALE, coz its a lot when I hear people say “ewww heni kila sale ma7eb“ or “they are ashamed to admit thatthe item they got was on sale “ and before posting this I asked around and people agree’ed that they have heard the same comments or have said it them self when it comes to sale , so let me see WHAT IS SALE ? Sale is when a department lower down the price in a certain percentage because it is out of season and they need to place the old with the new collection ….. So wait does that make sale something to be ASHMED OF ?! Well for me the word SALE means, MORE ITEMS LESS MONEY (can it get any better?) ,so those same items that are on sale now, were once new ITEMS , so you’re telling me u would buy them then when they were full price but u wont enjoy buying them when they are HALF the price, which is btw saving you money to buy two items rather than one ? what I think people should think about and am sure 70% do is that we should look for are steals ! when I see SALE all i think about is quality ,I for example look for LBD’s and neutrals coz they never go out of style!so EMBRACE SALE PEOPLE and SHOP SMART , PRICE IS JUST A NUMBER , QUALITY AND LONG LASTING IS WHATS IMPORTANT .