Saturday, September 11, 2010

-Kimy k Botox on TV-

Kim , is taking Botox injection ON TV ! thought its been said its her first time but i don’t suppose it is , iv seen kim before and now and she totally did some work ! but in the end of the day I think Botox is totally healthy I myself in couple of year ill be ready for my forehead to be Botoxed ,I love how I look ( el7mdellah ) but ppl who know me know the expression I do with my eye brows and how its effecting my forehead :p what am trying to say is that those presenters are sitting there Blaaaaa Blaaaa Blaaaa over her setting a bad example for the youngsters, well seriously ?! I don’t think so, kim is 29 and her fans know that , and its fair to say shes not changing her features ( like Heidi Montag ) , shes enhancing her beauty and its not true I know a friend who tried Botox and its been 2 years and she didn’t go back for more , its not really addictive if u know what u want !