Saturday, August 7, 2010

-Outfit of the day ; Hind Beljafla-

Impressive labels, dashing must-haves, prints and vintage all in one outfit well we cant expect anything less from a designer now could we ?!(THAT’S WHY WE LOVE THEM )! Frankly I love how she managed to put those items all together and look suavely trendy ,so here's my outfit of the day on, none other than DAS COLLECTION's Hind Beljafla

Pants: Whistles , Jacket: YSL ( LOVE STRUCK*)Scarf:alexander mcqueen

Shoes: GUESS ( 80's chic ...)

T-shirt: Loves 'k T loves' K T ( I LOVE THIS T-SHIRT)

Necklace :Jade jagger

Ring : From a Fashion students line ( how cool is that ?)
Braclet: EDDIE BORGO ( Edgy i love)