Thursday, August 26, 2010

-Just Another Brain Dumpster-

In bed ready to call it a night , switching on my new TV I realized how happy iam , I found genuine happiness in a TV , I love how random the PLACES of which we find happens in , oh ok i know this my sound shallow to some! u know Once for a year and a half I didn’t sleep in my bed , more like I didn’t sleep in my room , why ? I don’t really know why, well I guess am wired like that , something’s that makes senses to us my seem completely senseless to others , that doesn’t make our reasons inconsequential but it makes us special , when it comes to life I like to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN ,I try not to pay a lot of attention to the ifs and buts , beautiful and positive people are my soul food , what milk is to the bone is what my family are to me , for me praying is crucial , usually when people see me pay attention to religious things or know a lot about my religion they go “*3areba “ well let’s face it people do judge by physical appearance , but then the only thing they really look at is HEJAB and rationally that’s wrong ! I always say excuse people for they will excuse u when ur in total need of “being excuse” but does it really work that way ? am I really excused when I need to be excused?ummmmm ,! life is like anti aging cream don’t be fooled into thinking that ur granted to have a wrinkle –free face ,and so is life u cant guarantee but then that’s the beauty of it , how boring will it be if u knew when ull have children or what will happen tomorrow. Empathy is significant never diminish peoples feeling andPUT UR SELF IN THEIR SHOES ! my grandma always says that “if u have something to say SAY IT NOW , keeping things for later will make things worse “ and I totally agree , so that why sometimes I come off as self-protective , life comes around ONECE soak up everything . I love the words EVERYTHINGS GONA BE ALRIGHT , I think if I were to be a country id be Switzerland remember the world war , swiss was neutral , didn’t participate nor took sides , I believe that no one should put their nose where it doesn’t belong ! I love the spontaneous motivation I get when I least expect it ! today at the Laduree opening I was thinking of how am gona lose that feeling I have when I used to be so excited to have my first macaroon after MONTHS of craving ! but then I choose to take pleasure in eating it ! Always respond positively to a moment to happiness, coz those moment uselly don’t last forever ! ur the boss of U so the lifestyle u live is the result of decisions u have made never point fingers and its important to know that ITS OK if NOT EVERYONE LIKEs YOU ! and never COMPERE urself with anyone but urself , always define ur self and be consistent , being graceful is a MUST , enter and exit LIFE gracefully , never sleep with ur mascara on , and as ur calling it a night COUNT UR BLESSINGS
Loads of love ,
Hunoof hamad
am not trying to make sense , never have never will 