Tuesday, August 3, 2010

- just Another Brain Dumpster -

Being beautiful is skin deep , be a stunner , love the spot light but never acknowledge the attention ,keep an open mind , yet beware of wolves in sheeps clothing , don't seek perfection , let ur tiara slip a little , remember when accepting a flattering remark do it graciously , god didn't promise us everyday would be wonderful ,so take the good with the bad , choose ur battles , but remember a fine general never let's his soldiers c him sweat and the best way to catch a thief ? Is to take him by surprise ! Be inspirational rather then typical , live and love but find a common ground , don't distance ur self, life is a party , put ur heels on and dance till u can't feel ur feet , write ur life script generously , keep smiling someone's always watching and as ur day comes to an end , count ur blessings !
Sleep tight
Hunoof Hamad