Saturday, August 7, 2010

-The Dairy of S -

So S is in Paris and guess what i have the dairy ! Check it out

Best department store ever

the inescapable Vuitton queue ! :s

Assortment of second hand mostly owned by former models she told me her customers come every season to exchange their wardrobe to leave space for the upcoming season collection

Amazing store dnt get fooled by the name its the total opposite

Madrigal cafe for the perfect tiramisu and cafe au lait or if u wanna rub shoulder with el walid and his stunning wife reem al 6aweel or a7lam and her husband LOL

coise salade jeremy cafe . Faubourg st.honore

Laduree summer sorbets Paris exclusive dnt miss out

Vintage constance bag in beautiful box leather(( very rare to find leather. A leather that value adds by the extra scratches developed patina

Dnt think of walking out of the hotel without this amazing auto bronzante ( saudi girls keep that blushed bronze cheeks coming best tan of the summer ever.

Show case of vuitton suitcases

Risking my life for in my heels :p