Thursday, July 29, 2010

-Pearls to Bed -

I love my pearls they are so special to me last night I even slept wearing my pearls strangly i wasn't annoyed a bit , so I was thinking about dressing up to bed , why don't everyone glamorously sleep ? I mean why don't we dress up to bed ? Well am sure 80% of people all around the world put anything on and head to bed , thinking what's the point of dressing up for bed ? Esp. If u were not married , well as I thought of it , I love dressing up to bed , putting on a lovely pj is so much fun,even if am doing it for ME , remember how glamors Carrie looked wearing her PJ's on the set of SATC movie 1 ! My pj with the pearls reminded me of that scene ,keep in mind there's nothing like calling it a night FASHIONABLY ;) Good night beautifuls <3
Loads of love
Hunoof Hamad