Friday, July 9, 2010

- blue -

I love my blog I can complain with out someone interrupting me ! 1 2 3 GO ... I can't believe how hot it is ! And I got the FLU ! Only yesterday I was FINE GOD! Flu in summer ! NOT FUN , the worst part is the throat pain , :( and I don't like drinking warm things , n that doesn't really help ,Anyways iv been in my PJ's n in bed since I woke up !enrgyless ! I need FOOD , and fresh air , hope I get the energy to left my self and GO OUT ! Btw I know I posted about the night and day nurse before , but I have to mention again its THE BEST , so if u know people in London ask the to get u some and keep it stock u never know when MR flu will visit ! I always carry one box with me everywhere !