Wednesday, June 9, 2010

-Holiday Retreat -

WOW , Must i say how amazed i am with the DAS resort collection , too bad i couldnt make it to the event ! the pieces were to die for !! for more on the collection visit : FashionGossip10

A Vintage Always !

Gaga attends sisters wedding , her 18 year old sister appeared on her telephone Vid ! one of the inmates,and shes planing to be a singer ! well we can only take one GAGA at a time

The White Company
i love the White company candles my fav is Seville it smells WOW !

Kathy on GaGa
Seems like Kathy wasnt so happy about GaGa's new Vid ! well swallowing a rosary , not so polite !!!! but i love gaga anyways !