Tuesday, May 4, 2010

-Better Safe then Sorry -

i was watching Dr.90210 and there was a story about a lady who had skin cancer and her face was full of dead cancer cell , it reallly hit me , why damage my skin ? when i can get the same result in a safer way ... have fun in the sun but for a tan GO FAKE !!!
*if ur looking for a washable tan , that doesnt stain and gives u that sun kissed glow try loreal sublime one day bronzer Ull love it , i know i do

*Wanna get a tan at home ? yes u can saint Tropez can never go wrong , I tried it and it really works , YOU DON’T TURN ORANGE NOR DO YOU SMELL BAD !!!! and it lasts for a weeks , just don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize ur skin first !

*U can also get a flawless Tan from a tanning salon and it lasts around two weeks